Weight Loss Readiness – Are You Ready?

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November 18, 2016
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Weight Loss Readiness – Are You Ready?

After the holidays, losing weight is on the minds of many people during the month of January. Losing weight is not the same for everyone some people will lose faster than others due to a different personal history of weight, dieting, physiology, psychology, culture, and genetics.


When you are setting out to lose weight ask yourself these important questions that can impact your success.


Am I eating enough?
Skipping meals and inadequate eating create more weight problems in the long run, by disrupting your metabolism and setting you up for overeating later.

Am I eating or drinking in excess?
Try to avoid excessive quantities and caloric beverages, such as juice, soda, and alcohol. To start a weight loss plan, try to cut back gradually, making substitutions of lower calorie choices when needed.

Am I getting enough exercise without overdoing it?
If you have not exercised in a while start by adding a few minutes of walking daily. Gradually work up to 15-30 minutes per day.

Am I sleeping enough?
Lack of sleep can promote excess hunger and eating, and result in weight gain.

Am I taking care of any psychological issues?
Weight gain can be related to hormonal imbalances. In some people, it may also be associated with depression. Either of these may interfere with any efforts to lose weight and would best be helped by visiting a professional.

Are there any barriers that I face?
Learn the triggers that contribute to any weight problems you may have, so that you can gradually make some changes in them.

Are my goals realistic?
Consider whether your desired weight would really be a healthy weight for you. If so, then start gradually and aim for weight loss usually no more than five pounds per month. Set short-term goals that are accessible to help you attain the long-term goals.

Is this the right time to lose weight?
If you are too busy or preoccupied with other concerns, it may be hard to concentrate on weight loss. There is nothing wrong with maintaining your weight for a while until you are ready.


If you are ready go ahead and take the next step and start today. If you need accountability then contacting me should be the next step.

Best wishes in 2017 for a happy and healthy year!